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Kiddush Fund Donation

Kiddush Packages

"The Kiddush" has become a vital part of Beth Ora as it does much to create friendships, build community spirit and endorse the warm Shul atmosphere in which we all take great pride.
You may choose to sponsor a Kiddush in honor of an event of your choice. While many people like to sponsor a Kiddush to mark an important anniversary, birthday or milestone, it is not limited to personal landmarks or life cycle events. Sponsor a Kiddush in honor of the land of Israel, good health and healing, the Beth Ora Community, a Tribute to honor someone special or any other special reason for which you may be thankful.

1. We will contact you with the option of Co-Sponsorship if there is already a sponsor in place for the date that you have chosen.
2. If your Kiddush sponsorship date is already reserved, allowing for co-sponsorship is required if your Kiddush amount is under $720.

We appreciate your understanding as we strive to serve our growing congregation!
Kiddush Packages
Each kiddush price is based on the size of our congregation. If you are celebrating a special occasion and are expecting more than 10 extra guests to attend , please notify us in advance as different fees may apply in order to ensure that we have ample food.
PLEASE CONTACT US ABOUT DATE AVAILABILITY or with any questions or concerns by emailing our Office Manager and Kiddush Coordinator Arielle Aqua com or by calling her (514) 748-6559.
For Bar / Bat Mitzvahs or Weddings, our shul has partnered with Blossom by La Plaza Catering please contact Blossom  at or  514-489-7111 regarding ceremony fees and Kiddush options.  Rabbi Knopf is also available to help in any and all religious matters.
Thank you for your sponsorship and support.  We look forward to working with you to make your Kiddush special!

Date of Kiddush Sponsorship:

Kiddush Options:
  • Standard $180 - The Standard Kiddush includes Gefilta Fish, Herring, Cakes, Cookies & Delicious treats.
  • Deluxe $360 - The Deluxe Kiddush includes all the above, in addition to Cholent, meats, veggies and assorted seasonal treats.
  • Premium Kiddish $1,000+ - A custom-built kiddish designed to “wow” the congregation and do something truly special to commemorate any occasion.This includes knishes, chicken wings, egg-rolls, mini hot dogs in blankets, challahs, dips, desserts, and other delicious post-Shabbat delicacies.

*Occasionally substitutions will have to be made.
Wed, June 19 2024 13 Sivan 5784