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Message from Rabbi Knopf - Ruach: Emotional and Spiritual Support

Shalom Friends,

I hope this email finds you well. My heart is with each of you at this time, especially those who have suffered a bereavement and those whose loved ones are unwell.

At this sad time, our thoughts are also with the families of those who were murdered yesterday in Nova Scotia, and we pray for the recovery of those who were wounded.

Yom HaShoah

Tonight and tomorrow, we mark Yom HaShoah. While each of us are preoccupied with our own challenges, we are called on to join with community members across the globe in paying our respects to those who were murdered in the Holocaust, and in remembering and honouring those who survived the Holocaust. In this commemoration, we insist that we will never forget those who perished. We strengthen our resolve to fight anti-Semitism wherever it raises its ugly head, and commit ourselves to care and take action against all racism and bigotry.

I've mentioned in the past the importance of the younger generation attending Holocaust memorial events. We do an excellent job in keeping Holocaust remembrance on our communal agenda but it is our imperative to impress on the next generation the importance of this task which we will, one day, bequeath to them. That is why I intend to sit with Dovid later on today, as we participate in the online Montreal Holocaust Museum memorial at 5:00 PM and join the commemoration with various organisations across Canada at 7:00 PM. If you have children, grandchildren or great grandchildren, I urge you to encourage them to join in these or similar events. Tomorrow, a number of organisations will be presenting a variety of excellent online presentations on the Holocaust. I encourage you to check out mizrachi.org/wbm/live. Just some of the excellent program includes:

  • 9:00 AM - Children's Drawings During the Holocaust, with children aged 12 and older, with their parents.

  • 12:00 PM - Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks, The Legacy of Survivors

  • 1:00 PM - One-On-One with Alan Dershowitz, AntiSemitism in Contemporary Society

  • 3:30 PM - From Grief to Hope, An Audio-Visual Presentation

I also encourage you to watch some of these 10 videos on the Holocaust from Rabbi Sacks. And, for those of you who have Facebook, I encourage you to see Facebook.com/jroots.journeys. Ruach: Emotional and Spiritual Support Anyone who is going through a difficult time should please feel free to call me anytime (514-714-6559). I'm also glad to bring to your attention a new initiative called Ruach, a partner of the Neshama Association of Jewish Chaplains. Through Ruach, therapists, social workers, rabbis and chaplains volunteer to provide support for people during this difficult period. If you would like to enlist their help, please fill out this form. You will be matched with a caregiver within 48 hours (Monday-Friday). The services are 100% free. Please also take note of the following helplines: Crisis Services Canada - 1 8333 456 4566 Suicide and Crisis Hotline - 1 800 448 3000

Wishing you all blessings of strength at this time, Rabbi Anthony Knopf

(514) 748-6559

FAX: (514) 748-6635

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