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Special Message From Rabbi Knopf in Light of the Recent Terror Attack on the Chabad House in Poway,

With deep sadness, I find myself again grappling for words to express the grief that we feel at another horrendous attack against our fellow Jews. The Haggadah states that in every generation there are people who rise up to destroy us. One of the ways in which Hashem has given us the ability to survive is by blessing us with the wisdom of Jewish tradition which allows us to find the light in the darkness and to continue in our mission to bring more light to the world. But this is not what weighs on my mind and heart today. We have a teaching in Pirkei Avot: “Do not console your friend at the time when his deceased lies before him.” When we are hit by tragedy, it is not the time for consolation, for trying to make sense of how this can happen in America in 2019, in finding a path forward. When we are hit by tragedy it is a time for tears. Rabbi Ovadia Bartenura writes that, after the destruction of the Jewish Temple, G-d told the angels, “Don’t rush to console Me.” There is a time for grief. I invite you all to Beth Ora this Shabbat when I will share some reflections on how we should respond to this devastating occurrence. But for now, I simply ask you to mourn for Lori Gilbert-Kaye. Lori was 60 years old. She was the wife of Dr. Howard Kaye who rushed to perform CPR on Lori after she was shot without realizing that it was his wife who he was treating. When he realized, he fainted. Lori was the mother of Hannah, a 22 year old student at UCLA. Lori was a devoted member of her Chabad community, which she helped to found in the 1990s. She and her husband regularly hosted the Yom Kippur breakfast for the community which was open to all. Her friend, Teresa Lampert, said “Lori was always there for everyone. Crying with them or celebrating with them, in good times and in bad.” I looked at the posts on Facebook that Lori posted in the last months of her life. An appeal to support the work of Chai Lifeline, words of support to a person who had fallen on hard times and was trying to find a way forward, more words of love and support to a young lady whose parents had been murdered… Al eileh ani bochiya. For this I cry. Please include Lori’s husband Howard and daughter Hannah in your prayers. Please also pray for the recovery of 8 year old Noya Dayan, her uncle Almog Peretz and for Rabbi Yisroel Goldstein. Rabbi Knopf

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