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From the Desk - Cruising on Shabbat

Shalom Friends! It's the Final Countdown! Just a few more days till the wonderful Passover holiday! On Sunday, participants enjoyed our special pre-Passover program. Whilst the adults gained new insights into the Haggadah, the kids had a great time preparing Passover themed crafts - see the pic below!

As we approach Passover, I encourage those who have not done so to approach me to arrange the sale of chametz and to send your Maot Chittim donation to the synagogue office so we can help those who would otherwise struggle to afford the holiday. Another word about the special Omer project we launched last week - YOU DO NOT NEED TO PREPARE ANYTHING TO BE PART OF THIS PROJECT. When you register to join, you simply receive inspirational and educational videos and articles during the Omer period, though I encourage you to use those messages to become better people during this period. Please register to receive the Omer messages by clicking here. Yesterday, I watched a moving video about two Israeli soldiers, Hadar and Oron, who were killed in action and whose bodies haven't been returned to their families. You can learn about them and sign a petition here. Last week in synagogue, I talked about how we can distinguish ourselves from animals by being more Godly. You can learn more on this theme here. We extend our condolences to Donna Baranoff and her family on the loss of her father, Harold Greenspon Z"L. May Hashem comfort them and may the family only know happy times going forward. If you haven't yet seen my pre-Passover video, you can access it here. Finally, if you have misplaced our Beth Ora Passover Guide and want to use it to prepare for an amazing holiday, click here. We wish you a Shabbat Shalom and a Kosher and Happy Passover. Rabbi Anthony and Carly Dovid, Rachelli, Yehuda and Avrami

What's the Deal With... Going on a Cruise on Shabbat? This question was asked by Marvin Braude, previously of Florida, currently of Saint Laurent, QC. Traveling on a ship on Shabbat is not a problem as long as the ship is owned and maintained by non-Jews and the majority of passengers aren't Jewish. Nevertheless, one cannot embark on the cruise three days before Shabbat. One reason for this is that it would ruin the passenger's enjoyment of Shabbat as it takes three days to get used to the rough sea conditions. There is a debate as to whether the prohibition applies to Wednesday but certainly one should not embark on Thursday, Friday or Shabbat.

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