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From the Desk - Upcoming Events and 0-5 Youth Program

Shalom Friends! I just finished a delightful breakfast discussion about the nature of apologies at another successful Shul for Dummies session! We discussed what we're actually trying to achieve when we apologize to someone and how that affects the way we make the apology. Then we looked at the statement made by the Olympics athlete, Ryan Lochte, and analyzed the flaws in the apology he made after fabricating a story of being held at gun point by robbers in Rio de Janeiro. It was a pleasure to learn (and eat!) together with our members and we look forward to doing it again soon! Another successful initiative this week was the launch of our 'Raising Your Child to Be a Mensch' series on Tuesday evening. We were privileged to be addressed by Dr. Victoria Talwar, an expert in child development, who gave an excellent presentation on how to deal with bullying and how to raise children with the appropriate character traits. I continue the series, this coming Tuesday evening, with a session on 'Teaching Your Kids to Be Kind'. This will bring ideas from Jewish sources and will also use social science literature to present meaningful perspectives and take-home practical ideas for teaching our children the importance of chesed (loving-kindness). Another important development in Beth Ora is the designation of a new room for the 0-5 children's service. This gives the children their own space and allows Carly to provide for them a special, age appropriate service. We are also working on developing the service for the older children (6 plus). Starting from this week, Rabbi Heshy, Carly, Sara and I will take turns in visiting this children's service. We are excited this week to be hosting two Bar Mitzvahs at Beth Ora. On Monday morning, we will be celebrating with Ben Lorber and his family and, on Thursday, we have the Bar Mitzvah of Ethan Lazarus. We wish a hearty Mazel tov to both families and are very excited to celebrate this milestone with them. We are also delighted to wish a big mazel tov to Hoda and Manny Dalfen on the birth of their great grandson in Israel. On a different note, we wish condolences to Janice Schwartz on the loss of her father, Saul Gerson z"l. May Hashem bless the family with comfort and may they only have happy times in the future. We also wish condolences to Shelly Lubov on the loss of her father, Bill Surkis z"l, a few weeks ago and to Pat Braude on the recent loss of her brother, Lawrence Stock z"l. This Shabbat, we honor Nadine Anders and our amazing team of volunteers for their fantastic work in organizing, setting up and running our successful bazaar. Please make every effort to join us at synagogue for the service and special Kiddush to say thank you to those who worked so hard for the good of our community. And for those who are leaving the cold this week for the Winter migration, we wish you a safe journey and a wonderful vacation. Remember, the rabbi is available to run services in Florida as long as flights and five star accommodations are covered! Wishing you Shabbat Shalom, Rabbi Anthony and Carly Knopf Dovid, Rachelli, Yehuda and Avrami

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