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Congregation Beth Ora's Appeal for Jews in Ukraine

05/18/2022 12:30:45 PM


From the Desk

Emergency Needs / Action Plan - Ukraine
The Jewish Agency for Israel

Aliyah and Rescue

The Jewish Agency has many Shlichim on the ground in Ukraine making contact with Jews and Jewish organizations across the country. Our priority is making sure that those who would like to leave Ukraine and make a new life in Israel are able to arrive safely to any of the six border points that we have opened in five countries surrounding Ukraine.

Arriving at one of the border crossing points is extremely dangerous; there are massive transportation challenges and we are working with local coordinators and our point people to help these groups arrive safely to the Western border.

We are operating temporary housing stations in four countries on the border with Ukraine to provide shelter and care for those who will await Aliyah outside Ukraine. We are working at these border crossings in joint teams with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and “Nativ,” to enable the background checks and granting of visas for their Aliyah. These six centers will require serious financial and personnel investment by The Jewish Agency to care for the immediate needs of immigrants as they cross the border, and as they address the trauma they are facing having run from their homes. These centers are located in Poland, Romania, Hungry and Moldova.

This paper reflects the aliyah/rescue sums that were required and remain critical for five and a half months beginning February 24 through July 31, 2022.

Through June of 2022, the Jewish Agency has strengthen and will continue to operate inside Ukraine and at its border facilities, ensuring that ANY Jew who wants to be rescued and housed on the way to a new life in Israel has that option.

However, looking forward, the Jewish Agency recognized that there are likely two options for the final two months of our five-month emergency rescue operation: one scenario (A) in which aliyah slows down and we absorb another 2,000-5,000 olim or a scenario (B) in which Russia intensifies its attacks and we see the aliyah of another 10,000 olim.

From March until June 1, 2022, we will have held/will be holding anywhere between 7,000 to 3,000 beds each night depending on the volume of potential olim coming across the border. In scenario A we anticipate holding only 1,500 beds nightly during the months of June and July and in scenario B we hold 4,500 beds nightly.

The Prime Minister’s Office has turned to the Jewish Agency to ask our assistance in creating a life- saving program for young people escaping Ukraine, Belarus and Russia. In response, the Jewish Agency has created a program to get 2,500 young people out of these countries and bring them to Israel to participate in a six-month program. Many of these people are professionals in the areas of engineering, medicine, etc. and our focus will be on converting their skillset in order to ensure their success in Israel. The program would focus on giving these young people solid skills to succeed in their new life in Israel. The courses would offer intensive Hebrew studies, degree conversation and other immersion skills. We will capitalize 
on Masa’s infrastructure and rely heavily on the Jewish Agency’s many years of experience in the area of “young aliyah”. This initiative has been given top priority by the Prime Minister’s office and will be matched dollar to dollar by each donation brought in by the Jewish Agency.

Security has become a major concern for Jewish institutions in Ukraine as war has created major instability. We want to provide as many institutions as we can with financing to help protect their buildings and their property. In the coming days we will transfer emergency financial assistance to 150 local, communal organizations across Ukraine. This will help them deal with the very difficult situation of being under fire, allow them to carry on as much as possible and ensure that they continue to exist. Our experience in 2014 taught us that this is a critical need for Jewish organizations. This assistance is in addition to our long-term grants to Jewish organizations in Ukraine who have applied to our Security Assistance Fund.

Tue, January 31 2023 9 Shevat 5783