• Rabbi Anthony Knopf

Shavuot Guidance and Video

Shavuot Message from Rabbi Knopf

Please see immediately below for some guidance for Shavuot, and see a video message from Rabbi Knopf after this message. Thursday

  • Prepare Eruv Tavshilin before Yom Tov. This allows you to cook on Friday, in preparation for Shabbat. You can learn about Eruv Tavshilin here.

  • Thursday night Maariv includes the Amidah for festivals.

  • At Kiddush, say the Shehechianu blessing


  • The Shacharit Amidah is the Amidah for festivals

  • Hallel is recited after the Amidah

  • Shabbat/Yom Tov candles can be lit between 6:57 PM and 8:30 PM

  • The blessing on the candles is lehadlik ner shel shabbat v'yom tov

  • The Amidah at Maariv is the festival Amidah, with insertions for Shabbat

  • The Kiddush is the Kiddush for festivals with insertions for Shabbat

  • The Shehechianu blessing is said at Kiddush


  • The Amidah at Shacharit and Mussaf are for festivals, with insertions for Shabbat

  • Hallel is said after the Shacharit Amidah

  • Yizkor is said

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